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Price of Admission

1968mz   October 2, 2017  

There’s a wonderful advice columnist I follow by the name of Dan Savage. In his advice column and Podcast Dan responds to questions about relationships (some aren’t very PG – beware if that offends you) sent to him by his readers and listeners. One of the things I admire about Dan is his ability to boil down to simple terms the complex thoughts and emotional processes we all go through – processes that drive our […]

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Alaska is right next to Hawaii

1968mz   August 31, 2017  

I used to travel for work. And during one of those trips I met KC – who made me think about how our realities are constructed in our own mind. The conversation started out normal – until she said “For years I thought Alaska is right next to Hawaii.” Wait, what?? That is the sort of thing that gets me from “oh, that’s a nice person” to “I have to find out more. How is […]

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Don’t be a jerk

1968mz   August 20, 2017  

I was at an 8th grade party. It was around the time feelings for girls transform from “she’s nice” to “she’s nice and I want to kiss her”. And at this party I was told the girl who was hosting the party liked me. For no reason or excuse, I decided to abuse that perceived power I thought I had. I approached the girl and said “would like you to be my girlfriend?”. She turned […]

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