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5:30am? Yes, 5:30am! March 28, 2020 by Beth Zadik - For the first ~12 years of being a parent, I was spread too thin. working full time, doing my best to raise 3 kids, pretending to make healthy meals, trying to keep my house orderly, attempting to stay on top of scheduling the appropriate classes to properly engage my children, trying to be a good… Continue Reading
Calendaring, verb January 2, 2020 by Beth Zadik - Hiding inside an effective project manager is a verb that is often not discussed… calendaring. In my first year working with Gretchen of Hartke Designs, I noticed that she takes her schedule very seriously. As a vendor partner, managing and satisfying multiple clients and projects at a given time, her time must be shared effectively.… Continue Reading
People are not possessions January 2, 2020 by Beth Zadik - Some learnings are like a quick slap in the face. They sting for a brief moment and are strong enough to remember for a while. I was home from college for a holiday weekend. We were at a family friend's house and I was telling a story to Marie. The story is irrelevant but it… Continue Reading
Understand the request December 1, 2019 by Beth Zadik - It’s embarrassing how obvious it is but… Early in my career, I was staffed on a project to organize 500 people to move from a downtown office to a suburban office. Hold on… I was a programmer and a database administrator, and now I was asked to get everyone organized. It sounded so simple and… Continue Reading
Each life has a learning April 28, 2019 by Beth Zadik - In the house across the street lived two delightful people… about 50 years older than me. Hopefully you are lucky enough to know older people like this… you know the ones, that prepare themselves for the outside world. They put on a full outfit often accompanied by a nice hat. Dr. Kavka was a well-respected… Continue Reading