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Understand the request December 1, 2019 by Beth Zadik - It’s embarrassing how obvious it is but… Early in my career, I was staffed on a project to organize 500 people to move from a downtown office to a suburban office. Hold on… I was a programmer and a database administrator, and now I was asked to get everyone organized. It sounded so simple and Continue Reading
Each life has a learning April 28, 2019 by Beth Zadik - In the house across the street lived two delightful people… about 50 years older than me. Hopefully you are lucky enough to know older people like this… you know the ones, that prepare themselves for the outside world. They put on a full outfit often accompanied by a nice hat. Dr. Kavka was a well-respected Continue Reading
What I’ve learned… to pass onwards March 7, 2019 by serena2010 - I grew up in a suburb of Mumbai, India. In a country where there is always someone with a lot less than you, I know we didn't have a lot, but at the same time, I never knew I was missing anything. In fact, looking back, I think I had everything I could possibly need. Continue Reading
It’s like a bomb blows up for 3 months October 24, 2018 by Beth Zadik - Katy and I were pregnant with our first children at the same time. While at her baby shower, her older sister, Carolyn Lumia, shared "Having a baby is like a bomb blows up in your house for 3 months." The older women laughed and passionately agreed. Katy and I laughed. You know that nervous laugh Continue Reading
We are more normal than we know July 31, 2018 by Beth Zadik - Early in my marriage, our social circle was based on my husband’s friends. That was new to me as I was used to being with my friends. After a few years I got up the courage to do dinner with the wives. We lovingly called this our support group. At one of our mom support Continue Reading