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Not Enemies, Partners September 15, 2020 by Jessrwitt - It is hard to explain what it is like raising market animals in the suburbs. On one hand it is a great way to educate a population that is very disconnected from where their food comes from, but on the other hand you are a target for all who disagree with using animals as food.… Continue Reading
Find Your Monopoly Men September 13, 2020 by mtz - Several months ago I moved into my first apartment. It is me (girl), another girl and a guy roommate. We each began to unpack and out came each of our little knick-knacks we've collected over our lives. The living room was soon filled with excitingly scented candles, uniquely patterned throw pillows and our collective bookshelf… Continue Reading
Simple life lessons I learned from Ouma Juffie August 20, 2020 by JD - I was blessed to marry into a multicultural family, the members taught me new perspectives on life, including helpful habits, hobbies and healthful living.  Below is a list of simple life lessons my Mother-in-Law passed on that makes me smile to read.  'Ouma Juffie' was her nickname, which translates to 'Grandma Teacher' in Afrikaans, she… Continue Reading
5:30am? Yes, 5:30am! March 28, 2020 by Beth Zadik - For the first ~12 years of being a parent, I was spread too thin. working full time, doing my best to raise 3 kids, pretending to make healthy meals, trying to keep my house orderly, attempting to stay on top of scheduling the appropriate classes to properly engage my children, trying to be a good… Continue Reading
Calendaring, verb January 2, 2020 by Beth Zadik - Hiding inside an effective project manager is a verb that is often not discussed… calendaring. In my first year working with Gretchen of Hartke Designs, I noticed that she takes her schedule very seriously. As a vendor partner, managing and satisfying multiple clients and projects at a given time, her time must be shared effectively.… Continue Reading