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“who do I even meet these days?”


I am who I meet. we are who we meet. “I was supposed to start a new job downtown but now ,I’m working from home”, ” I don’t go out anywhere there are crowds”, ” I was supposed to take this great trip”, ” I was really looking forward to taking this class at the library”…. and so it goes in 2020. From the mundane to the grand, plans made, plans changed, plans canceled. Although […]

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Each life has a learning


In the house across the street lived two delightful people… about 50 years older than me. Hopefully you are lucky enough to know older people like this… you know the ones, that prepare themselves for the outside world. They put on a full outfit often accompanied by a nice hat. Dr. Kavka was a well-respected and well-published doctor. From a resume perspective, he was top notch! Around this time I had been searching for higher […]

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What are you grateful for?


Imagine a sanctuary filled with approximately 26 kids between 8-12 years old. While there might be 14 adults, the children receive the question, “What are you grateful for?” and the children answer: Chocolate! Beds! Fluffy stuffed animals! My parents and sister! Sporks! The sun! Ability to see! While the answers vary in depth, the discussion continues for 10-15 minutes. It is a beautiful thing to see children think of what they are grateful for AND […]

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