Go to the agreement


I’ve always been afraid of disappointing people. Early in my career, I naively thought if I did everything right, worked harder than the next guy, and had a solid plan, I could avoid having to encounter people who were unhappy.

Now, fifteen years into my consulting career, I know better. People are people. People get disappointed. People get angry. People get frustrated. It’s no easier on my heart and soul, but one of the best bosses I’ve ever had taught me an important lesson.

If a client is upset or something on the project is feeling stressful or uncomfortable, it’s probably because the agreement we have in place is no longer working—for whatever reason. All you have to do is work together to create a new agreement that works for everyone.

Approaching these situations through this lens has allowed me to be brave and collaborative in the face of upset.

My deepest gratitude for your wisdom and leadership, Anna Belyaev!

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