It is good to NEED people


We are growing up in a time when it is good to be self-sufficient. It is expected to be self-sufficient.

Two months after moving to a new suburb we got a puppy. (Little did I know how much work a puppy would be, but that’s a different story.) My middle schooler introduced me to a neighbor that also just got a puppy. had a fenced in backyard and I did not.

Luckily, Dinah invited us to her yard for the dogs together to play. On rainy days the dogs played inside my house. Dinah and I survived the puppy days by having doggy-play-date almost daily. Scout and Joey grew up playing together! While Dinah and I kept an eye on the puppies, we talked and we talked and we talked.

We shared things that neither of us typically share with new friends. We talked through each others tricky situations. We got to know each other faster than most adult friendships.

If I would have had a fence, it’s conceivable that we would have each been sitting in our own backyards four houses away from each other. Because I needed a fence our friendship was accelerated. I believe that Dinah and I would like each other regardless of the fence. But… what we covered in the first year might have taken us years to cover.

This makes me ponder what else could I “need” from others, that would be even better with another person.

Thank you, Dinah Zeiss!

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