Chakra Reading

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During an aura reading we explore things that are currently in your space and taking your energy.

It is often easier to just keep going, rather than to pause to see things as they really are. Identifying what you are dealing with now, gives you the upper-hand to decide what to do with it. This way you can better create your future.

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  • A chakra reading explores what samskaras (blocks) are in your way. I look through your 7 main chakras to see what is blocking your flow of energy. We discuss if you are ready to release it. If so, I explain tools for you to release it.
  • 45-60 minutes
  • On the phone or GoogleMeet
  • Weekend or weekday evening (CST) appointments are available
  • When you receive an chakra reading, you simply sit and listen. You can ask questions. We explore how it relates to your current life and your future.
  • We will explore your past and current situation. The future is in your hands, future-telling is NOT part of this aura reading.

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