Simple life lessons I learned from Ouma Juffie

I was blessed to marry into a multicultural family, the members taught me new perspectives on life, including helpful habits, hobbies and healthful living.  Below is a list of simple life lessons my Mother-in-Law passed on that makes me smile to read.  ‘Ouma Juffie’ was her nickname, which translates to ‘Grandma Teacher’ in Afrikaans, she was a teacher by trade and was loved by many children in Potchefstrom, South Africa.
Simple life lessons I learned from Ouma Juffie:
• Imagination is everything. There are fairies and Easter bunnies in every garden if you look closely enough
• Playing with kids keeps you young so make time to do it
• Wear color!
• Always over cater. You can always send leftovers home with your guests (and leftovers are the best)
• Don’t let people dish for themselves – they won’t plate enough and then they’ll be sad
• Invest in your friends – always..and their children.  M
ake younger friends, have friends across generations!
• Stay active, play tennis and take walks
• If you can’t swim, put on a life jacket and get in the pool anyway
• Tupperware is a toy
• Have a sweets cupboard
• Always stop and smell the roses – literally
• Have regular phone dates with the people that matter. Staying in touch isn’t that hard but it makes all the difference
• If you make a savory tart add cheese to the crust and it will be delicious no matter what
• Enjoy an afternoon tea everyday and serve tea in a tea cup, don’t be a savage
• Also there is such a thing as a coffee cup – NOT a mug
• Sugar always looks better with a couple of colorful crystals in it
• Say a prayer daily – it reminds you of all the things you have to be grateful for
• You can be nice and a little bit bossy at the same time. Assertiveness clothed in kindness is a great look on anyone
• Marry someone who is generally well-humored – it makes life a lot easier to be with someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously 
• A good pat on the bum never hurt any man that you love, one must turn the tables sometimes
• Sunday lunch is an institution that should not be messed with!  Have friends and family over to break bread together
A favorite prayer of hers
God, make me a servant of your peace,
let me spread love where there is hate;
faith where there is doubt; 
hope where there is defeat;
and happiness where there is sadness.
O, my almighty God and Master;
provide me the gift/talent
to provide comfort
rather than to seek comfort;
to share love
rather than to seek love;
because by giving,
we receive;
by forgiving others
we are forgiven;
and through death 
we are reborn into the Eternal Life 
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