Sticker Shock

Poppy   October 4, 2017   No Comments on Sticker Shock

A few years ago, I was driving my grandson to Pre-School.  We would always arrive early.  Punctuality is the Politeness of Kings.  That was actually the quip under my picture in the High School Yearbook.  Can you believe that?  After three years, they did not have one nice thing to say about me except, “Ya, well, the bastard was on time.”  But am I bitter after 55 years?  Does a bear hibernate?

So, since we were early, my grandson and I would play in the car.  He was a Jedi and used a toilet-paper roll as his light saber to slice up the evil Darth Vader (that was me).  I put a small orange sticker on my nose to show where he wounded me and I howled in mock pain.  Great fun.  From there, I went to the cable company to talk about my bill, Walmart to buy some things, the Post Office to mail a package and the bookstore to browse.  I bought a small book and, as I was checking out, the clerk said, “You know you have a sticker on your nose?”  I presume that the previous three people with whom I had had close dealings did not think it odd for an old man to be wearing an orange dot on his nose. Or perhaps they thought I was a Hindu woman with bad aim.  Was I mortified?  Not a bit.  Blessed are they that can laugh at themselves, for they will never cease to be amused.

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