“I am Charming”, The Power of Words


Dinner time was always special in my family.  Mother, Dad, Maggie, Nancy, Stuart, Walter and I would use this time to share stories and tell jokes. Since my mother was certainly not known for her cooking we needed to focus on something else during dinner.

One night Nancy (age 10) asked my father “Dad, am I pretty?” to which he replied, “Yes, Nancy, you are really pretty – different from Maggie (age 16) who is cute.”  We continued eating and talking when I (age 13) turned to my father and asked, “Dad, what about me?”  I held my breath as he smiled and replied, “You, Carol, are charming.”

Charming, huh, what does that mean?  I always thought of myself as kind, helpful and cheerful, BUT charming?  Believe it or not that moment changed my life.  I didn’t have to worry about how other people saw me and could concentrate on just being me.  It freed me to develop a comfort level with boys and girls, men and women.  I have since been told that besides all the other parts of my personality which I prize I am also pretty.

Thanks Dad!

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