Giving to others


While I was about 8 years old I always remember sitting on Sunday morning with my grand father at a small table while he was opening envelopes and then writing checks.  I first had to find out “What is a Check?”  Grandpa said you never mail money to someone but it’s OK to send a check.

After looking at all of the mail received during the week asking for money. Grandpa would look in his  little notebook to see the last time he sent this organization a donation.  There seemed to be pages and pages of names with the amount he sent listed. Sometimes he would write a check and sometime he just put the request into the waste basket.  When Grandpa put the request into the waste basket I asked;  Why?  I was told some organizations always sent out a new request as soon as they received a donation.  He told me that’s not good.  Grandpa always said you have to give money to as many organizations as possible so they can do good things.

Helping others has always been part of my life.  Sometimes it’s money and other times it’s just donating my time

Thank You Grandpa Jack for allowing me to share those Sunday Mornings with you

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