my yoga teacher – Ute Wohlmuther


I believe my real first step towards “growing” was when I started to take yoga classes.

On one of our trips to Sinai with my twin sister and her family I watched her practicing her yoga on the beach and I was so overwhelmed that I promised myself to find a teacher back in Amsterdam, where I was leaving with my family. That is where I met Ute.

I started to take Vijnana Yoga classes. After a year or so Ute decided she wanted to start a teacher yoga training course of three years. I was her first student. Not knowing that I will actually have my own class in front of me a few years later, I started studying and practicing with a group of 6 girls. Ute was and still is the most amazing person and teacher. Through yoga I found my balance, I found the ability to look inwards and started to get to know myself better and understand the secrets of my soul and body.

I’m grateful for the Yoga, grateful of having met Ute.

Today I have my own little studio of Vijnana Yoga at home and I’m grateful I can teach and be able to give to others what I got from Ute and from practicing Yoga.

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