Good Enough….knowing when to stop


It wasn’t until I started working with my sister about 10 years ago that I finally understood what she meant when she would say “it’s good enough” as she would use this phrase frequently.

We were working on a project for a client. The solution was basic without a lot of bells and whistles. But, the client was very happy with it as it achieved the desired goals and outcomes. A new person joined the team as was making suggestions how to change and improve the project knowing how much more technical, elaborate and sophisticated our company was capable of producing. If the client was satisfied with this, then how much happier would they be with more.

My sister’s response was very straight forward. The client is very happy with our solution. Yes we could do everything you suggested but it will cost us more money and take a lot more time. It may look “cool” but the results will be the same and the additional delay will create anxiety with the client.

It’s all about setting expectations and knowing when you have achieved them. Perfect or the best is not always the goal. This applies to so many aspects of both my personal and professional worlds. Why make myself crazy and stressed out when what I am already doing is “good enough.” I now have more time and energy to focus on things that are important and meaningful to me.

Thanks Beth!

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