Shower at night

Beth Zadik   October 2, 2017   No Comments on Shower at night

There was a nice phase in my life where six women – in roughly the same phase of life and parenting – would get together on a regular basis to do dinner. We talked, we laughed, we compared stories and troubles. One night Natasha shared that she and her husband have sex every night. The rest of us were totally surprised. We shared our average quantities per month.

Then we spent a good deal of time deciphering this. How was it possible? And then we stumbled on it. Natasha and her husband would put the kids to bed and then they would shower.  Sometimes alone and sometimes together. The important thing happened next… think of that stimulating feeling of being freshly showered and climbing into a nicely made bed naked. Enough said.

Just like a good science experiment, the 5 of us had to test hypothesis. At the next dinner, we were all happy to share that each couples weekly sex counts increased with adding nightly showers.

Thank you, Natasha Melamed!

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