We are more normal than we know


Early in my marriage, our social circle was based on my husband’s friends. That was new to me as I was used to being with my friends. After a few years I got up the courage to do dinner with the wives. We lovingly called this our support group.

At one of our mom support group dinners, Maria uncomfortably shared a story about her son who often pretended to be a cat. She asked if this is normal.

Each mom proceeded to tell a relevant story of her child’s weirdness. Each one weirder than the next. Laughter and tears ensued. Maria exhaled and leaned back in her chair relieved to discover that all kids are weird and she felt no reason for concern.

Lesson… Talk, share, and ask people in a similar situation.  We tend to put up good facades but the situations are often more similar than they look from the outside.

Thank you, Maria Squire

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