It’s like a bomb blows up for 3 months


Katy and I were pregnant with our first children at the same time. While at her baby shower, her older sister, Carolyn Lumia, shared “Having a baby is like a bomb blows up in your house for 3 months.” The older women laughed and passionately agreed. Katy and I laughed. You know that nervous laugh when you think you understand the joke but others are laughing harder so you aren’t really sure you fully understand but are definitely not going to ask for clarification.

And then… I had my first child. I tried to act like I had myself together. When I was in it, I could not see what a mess I really was. It is much easier to see when it happens to someone else. Things are a mess – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and any other -ally there is. But when you are in it, you don’t want to admit it or even feel it. You want things to be and feel normal.

To all the new parents or soon-to-be parents, I wish for you that you can just let the explosion happen. Sit in it. Feel it. Be one with the chaos. And then after 3 months its easier to pull yourself back together.

Thanks Carolyn!

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