A car is a killing machine


My dad taught me and my siblings how to drive. Before he handed over the keys we had to repeat “A car is a killing machine”. Literally he would not give the keys until we said it, each and every time.

Each time we start the ignition we suddenly have the power to kill people. This is a big responsibility for anyone at any age, but think of a 16 year old being granted this responsibility. While most of us would never do so intentionally, the unintentional purpose needs to be front of mind so we can defensively prevent bad situations. So he expanded to say:

  • Pay attention.

  • Purposefully minimize distractions.

  • Pull over and stretch when tired.

Brilliant my fine dad! This taught me to realize the power and risks. I wasn’t just learning how to get from point A to point B. I needed to do it offensively and defensively. Yes, I am teaching my kids with the same rule and intention.

Thank you, Mickey Heideman!

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