Cure for a headache


Oh, I wish I had a real picture of this! Imagine… In late-1970’s in Louisville, Kentucky, walking into my grandparents apartment. In the compact kitchen, about 300 square feet, with kitchen table and extra large freezer (the white one with the key always hanging out of it).

The love and family time spent in that relatively tiny space was amazing. The most memorable thing for me was what was on the freezer. My grandma posted a small newspaper clipping that explained… “Sex is the best cure for a headache”.

I did NOT understand or believe this as a child. I giggled about it. I thought it was gross that my grandparents would display that (and the thought of them having sex, eeewww!)

Dozens of years and three children later, on a Saturday afternoon, I said to my family, “I have a headache, so I am going to go to bed”. Moments later my naked husband got in bed with me. “What are you doing?” I exclaimed. “I thought you were telling me to join you.”

I will simply say, it really does work!

Thank you, Grandma Marion! (and Menash Zadik)

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