What I’ve learned… to pass onwards


I grew up in a suburb of Mumbai, India. In a country where there is always someone with a lot less than you, I know we didn’t have a lot, but at the same time, I never knew I was missing anything. In fact, looking back, I think I had everything I could possibly need. It’s largely down to my folks – who taught me to sing and fitted a piano into a flat that couldn’t even fit its own loo! And who made sure I finished my Master’s degree debt free even though one of them never even made it to university.

Then I look at my child. And much as I want to and can give her a slice of the world I never had, I more importantly want her to have everything I do! Family, friends, love, a career, and travel. But above all, I want her to think, that we must aspire for better, not more. I want her to have that feeling of having everything. Even when you don’t. Money can’t buy that 🙂

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