Restore for work


The first time I traveled with Kevin for work, we went to Dallas to facilitate a half-day learning solution to 200 people. We flew early morning the day before to prepare the room, verify technology and practice our facilitation. The point is we had tons of work to do.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was ready to jump into gear. Kevin said to get settled in my room and we would meet in 45 minutes.

What?!? I had been in corporate America for over 10 years working 60+ hours a week. My boss just told me to relax for 45 minutes. I was dumbfounded and then I thoroughly enjoyed laying down.

When we met I told him how great that was. He learned it from Mike Vaughan, his boss. From experience, we knew that once you start working under a client deadline, you do what it takes to be ready. This often means working late. So it is best to start with more energy.

Rest and restoration is needed. Yoga practice puts rest at the end to prepare you for what is coming next. It is good to take from the top, not what might be there at the end.

Thank you, Kevin Himmel for teaching me, and Mike Vaughan for teaching Kevin!

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