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Restore for work


1+ The first time I traveled with Kevin for work, we went to Dallas to facilitate a half-day learning solution to 200 people. We flew early morning the day before to prepare the room, verify technology and practice our facilitation. The point is we had tons of work to do. When we arrived at the hotel, I was ready to jump into gear. Kevin said to get settled in my room and we would meet […]

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Know the right people


2+ While onboarding to The Regis Company, I was shadowing my boss to meet existing clients. Entering the first client building, Kevin asked Dave, the security guard, about his golf game. At the second client, the front desk receptionist greeted him by name. He approached the desk and asked Megan about her family. He talked with Megan before filling out the registration paperwork. In each of these instances, it only took about ~45 seconds. During this […]

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