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Cure for a headache


1+ Oh, I wish I had a real picture of this! Imagine… In late-1970’s in Louisville, Kentucky, walking into my grandparents apartment. In the compact kitchen, about 300 square feet, with kitchen table and extra large freezer (the white one with the key always hanging out of it). The love and family time spent in that relatively tiny space was amazing. The most memorable thing for me was what was on the freezer. My grandma […]

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Ask for what you want


4+ Imagine the scene… Wife: I have been up at 5am every morning to get to work on time after not sleeping more than 3 hours straight due to breastfeeding. I am exhausted. Would you please do something to help me? Husband: I can’t help you breastfeed Wife: That is not what I meant! Husband: Just tell me what you want! It took me about 4 years (ok 14 years) and hundreds of these ineffective […]

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The pink bow ……. choose your battles


5+ It was a weekend when all my siblings were in town visiting. My daughter was about 3 years old at the time. She had long curly hair which was pulled back with a barrette with a BIG PINK BOW. She was so proud of it. She loved it as it was a gift from her grandmother. I did not share her feelings of adoration for this item. Being completely truthful, I would never have purchased […]

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